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Transfer data to ORCID from other sources

Several publishers, funding organizations and scholarly societies and associations have implemented ORCID into their internal information systems and workflows. Alongside this, several integrations have been developed to interconnect ORCID with other systems, making it possible to transfer data across systems:


With the latest release of ResearcherID, members can seamlessly exchange data between their ResearcherID and ORCID profiles.

Scopus author profiles

Scopus to ORCID makes it easier for a researcher to create and managed their ORCID record by adding the user's Scopus ID to their ORCID record and allowing them to import works to ORCID from their author profile. Also allows the researcher to correct their Scopus author profile at the same time.

Europe PubMed Central

A new Europe PMC tool has been developed to allow authors to select and export their articles to ORCID, creating or enhancing their bibliographies. The tool follows a simple three-step process to select publications, review and then export them to ORCID.