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Our new library system is live

Our new library system is live, but AU Library remains your university library and library.au.dk is still the best place to start your search.

When you perform a search via the search field at library.au.dk, you will encounter a brand new interface: kb.dk.

You may therefore experience a change of user interface as your search takes you from AU Library to the Royal Danish Library. This may appear confusing at first, but both interfaces are part of our service to you.

New library system - status

  • The new library system cannot be used with Internet Explorer. You must select another browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or similar.
  • There are currently problems accessing some of AU Library's databases through the new library system. Use the database list to access all databases.

  • There are currently problems with ordering and thus delivery of article orders from printed journals. If you want to order a copy of an article please choose “Digitization“ and then “Digitize Other Issue“ when ordering.
  • There may be problems logging in via WAYF. In the login procedure overall, you may experience waiting time, so be patient.
  • As a library user you can experience waiting time from registering as a user until you have the opportunity to get home access to our electronic resources and the opportunity to use the library's printing facilities.     

Need help?

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact AU Library, who will be happy to assist you with your questions.

Alternatively, you are always welcome to contact your local library i AU Library.

What has changed?

New login

You need to pick a new pincode in the new library system. Otherwise you will not be able to order, borrow, renew or return books. Students and employees at Aarhus University are to log in with WAYF to be able to create a new pincode etc.

My loans

Your current loans and reservations have been transferred to the new library system.    

Pickup numbers

From now on you will only receive an email with a pickup number when you can pick up and borrow a book you have ordered. You can no longer find your pickup numbers when you log in to your account at the library.

Therefore, save the mail until you have been to the library after your book.

To do lists

If you have been using the to do list function, please be aware that data have not been transferred to the new library system.

The webpage library.au.dk

The webpage library.au.dk/en/ is still the primary place to find information for all our users from Aarhus University. 

What has changed is the search interface and the search options. You have got a new interface to search all the library resources.

Subject guides

All subject guides at library.au.dk will be accessible. Also after 19 November 2019.
However, you may find that some of the links behind the highlighted resources on the subject pages will not work for a short transition period after November 19, 2019. We will fix links as quickly as possible.


The database lists on our website with databases will continue to be available - even after November 19, 2019.

For a transitional period, the database lists will be the best access to the professional databases until all AU accessible databases are registered in the new library system.

Reference lists and references with links

References with links to our old library system, e.g. links to books and links to individual database registrations, do not work after November 19, 2019. This could e.g. be references in reading lists or on a course page on Blackboard.

Links will need to be corrected, or you can search for the titles in the new library system from https://library.au.dk/en/

Please ask your local AU Library or your teacher if there are links that continue not to work a few days after the new library system goes live.

Our new library system is live

The Royal Danish Library has implemented a completely new library system on Tuesday the 19th of November, 2019.

The reason for this is that the former State & University Library in Aarhus and the former Royal Library in Copenhagen merged on the 1st of January, 2017. Read more on the background to the implementation of the new library system.