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Aarhus University is terminating RefWorks

AU discontinues its RefWorks account at the end of 2018. As a RefWorks user you should therefore move the contents of your RefWorks account to another reference tool. After 2018, you will no longer have access to your content.

As a student or employee at AU you have free access to the reference tool EndNote, which you can easily move your references from RefWorks over to. AU Library can help you with this. You could also choose to use a free reference tool such as Zotero or Mendeley. AU Library, however, can only provide support for Endnote.

Employees at AUH

As a member of AUH, affiliated with AU, you must switch from AU's RefWorks to Region Midtjylland's RefWorks by December 31, 2018. See instructions for switching to Region Midtjylland's RefWorks (in Danish).

How to switch to EndNote?

AU Library has prepared a guide on how to easily change to EndNote, the reference tool to which AU has a license and which all students and staff at AU can therefore download for free.

What about the references in my Word documents?

Before moving your references to another tool, we recommend that you complete existing documents referring to references in your RefWorks account. In documents where you have used the RefWorks tab in Word to retrieve references from your RefWorks account and automatically update your literature list.

However, you can also move your content from your RefWorks account to EndNote and then convert your Word document so that you can continue working on the document using EndNote instead. Read more in the instructions for switching to EndNote.

What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is an online reference management tool that can help you keep track of your sources and ensure that everything you refer to in your written work will appear in your bibliography. A bibliography that your reference tool automatically will create for you, in the output style of your choice.

Students and employees at AU are able to use RefWorks for free. All it takes is for you to sign up for a RefWorks account. Having done this you can work with your sources from anywhere because your references are saved on a server at RefWorks, not on your own computer.

It is very easy to get started with RefWorks and work with others on the same references since you do not have to install RefWorks on your computer but can be accessed from any computer. RefWorks is compatible with Windows and Mac OS and works well with Word.

RefWorks and Microsoft Office 365

Windows: Microsoft Word 2013 or Microsoft Word 2016 must be installed locally on your computer in order for it to work with RefWorks. RefWorks does not work with Word Online.

Mac: RefWorks does not currently work with Microsoft Word 2016, but a solution is being worked on. RefWorks recommend that Mac users go back to Word 2011 in order for RefWorks to work with Word.

Getting started with RefWorks

Courses on Refworks

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Contact and support

If you have problems with or questions on RefWorks you are more than welcome to write us - or contact your service location. We would like to help you!


AU related matters

Get off to a good start with RefWorks

  • When you have signed up for a RefWorks account you can read about the most basic functions in AU Library's guide to RefWorks
  • Please note that if you are a group of students who are to write on an assignment togehter you have to use only one RefWorks account. The small plugin Write-N-Cite that you use to cite the references in your RefWorks account in your text document can only cite from one RefWorks account. Read more about this in AU Library's guide to RefWorks.
  • You can also use other guides to RefWorks.
  • From most databases and search engines you can export references directly in to your RefWorks account. It might be an advantage to you to export references directly when you are searching literature in several places anyway. 
  • To get Word to use the references in your RefWorks account you have to install a small plugin in Word - Write-N-Cite. You can find a link to Write-N-Cite in your RefWorks account under "Tools". Read more about this in AU Library's guide to RefWorks
  • If you encounter any errors in your bibliography which RefWorks has generated, you have to go to your RefWorks account to that specific reference and correct it - not in your Word document.
  • If you wish to add text or page numbers in your citations in your running text you have to use the function "Edit Citation" in your RefWorks plugin in Word. If you add text manually in your citations in Word these will be deleted the next time you insert a new citation from your RefWorks account or the next time you update your text document. Read more about this in AU Library's guide to RefWorks

Why should I use RefWorks?

RefWorks is very easy to get started with. Because it is an online reference management tool it is also easy to share your references or your account with others. This is a major advantage when working in groups. 

From most databases and search engines you can export references directly in to your RefWorks account. You are also able to upload your articles or other files to RefWorks. In this way you have everything in one place.

As with many other reference management tools you can create your own notes or tags to your references and create folders to organise your references with. All this to keep track of your sources. 

How do I share my references in RefWorks?

There are several ways to share the content of your RefWorks account. Via the Share function in RefWorks you can e.g. share your folders or your entire RefWorks database with others. In this way you decide what the people you share with are able to do with the content you have shared. Read more about sharing references.

Are you going to cooperate with others on a text in Word we recommend you create a shared RefWorks account, that is you share the login. The Write-N-Cite plugin in Word is only able to cite references from one RefWorks account in your running text. Read more about shared login.