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Book stands at AU Library

Borrow a book stand

Do you need a frame on which to stand your book while you read at the library? See where you can find a book stand.

Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus

  • Number: 20
  • Lending time: On a daily basis.
  • Location: On a trolley outside the reading room on the 1st floor.

Bartholins Allé

  • Number: 15-20
  • Location: In the library, in the Information Desk.
  • Lending time: 1 day.

Fuglesangs Allé

  • Number: Approx. 10
  • Location: In the library, by the Information Desk.
  • Guide: The book stands can only be used at the library.


  • Number: 20
  • Location: Can be borrowed by contacting the staff.
  • Guide: The book stands cannot be reserved online, but can be reserved by contacting the staff.


  • Number: 81
  • Lending time: Unlimited - they must not, however, leave the Victor Albeck building.
  • Location: Can be found in the library, in the reading rooms and in the group work rooms.
  • Note: Can be used throughout the building as a whole.


  • Number: Approx. 20
  • Lending time: Unlimited - can be used every where in the library
  • Location: Can be found in the library at the end of the semester shelf
  • Note: Must not be removed from the library