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Lending times and fines

Lending times

The period of loan is usually one month, unless otherwise stated.

Reminders and overdue notices

A reminder is sent 5 days before you need to return the item.

  • The first overdue notice is sent out 2 days after the return deadline.
  • A second overdue notice is sent out 8 days after the return deadline. At this point a fine of DKK 25 is issued.
  • A third overdue notice is sent out 31 days after the return deadline and an additional fine of DKK 25 is issued.

If the item still has not been returned, an invoice for a replacement and our handling cost, is then issued.

Material from Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus and Aarhus University Library can be renewed for up to 6 months, after which you must return the item regardless of the date of the last renewal. However, a renewal cannot be made for an item which other users have reserved.

Fines and replacement charges

The size of the fine depends on the number of items on loan.

  • DKK 25 per item on returns made 8-30 days after the return deadline.
  • DKK 50 per item on returns made 31 days or more after the return deadline.
  • Replacements are subject to a handling fee of DKK 150 per item.
  • If the amount due exceeds DKK 200, you will be denied the possibility of making any further loans or renewals until a payment has been made.

If borrowed material is not returned, or if it is returned in damaged condition, the user must cover the costs incurred by the library for new purchases or repairs.

If the material cannot be replaced, the user pays an amount equal to an assessment of the material’s cost (determined by the library who owns the material) and accrued charges (in accordance with Act No. 340 of 17 May 2000 on Library Activities).

If a user owes DKK 200 or more in fines then loans and renewals are temporarily denied the user until the amount is paid, in whole or in part. The user will be notified accordingly when lending.

A user may be denied the possibility of making any further loans if there has been a substantial breach of their obligation to return material in an undamaged condition. Denial of borrowing rights may also occur if a user has outstanding fines of DKK 200 or more. Exclusion occurs with 7 days of a written warning.

If borrowed items are not returned or are damaged, the user must pay the costs associated with new purchases or repairs. The user may elect to purchase an item to replace a lost or damaged item – the new item must be completely identical to that which is being replaced unless otherwise agreed.

If a previously replaced item is subsequently returned, the AU Library/Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus will reimburse the replacement charge for a period of six months after the establishment of the fine. We can however, in certain cases, choose to repay the replacement charge even though the 6 months period has been exceeded.

We send regular reminders to users who have outstanding fines that are over a month old.

See loan Rules for AU Library


Payments of fines and any subsequent replacement charges can be made as follows:

  1. Go to Your loans and see which part of any library debts you can pay online. We accept all common credit cards or MobilePay Online.
  2. We can send you an invoice.

With regard to payment of replacement charges, there may be differences at the different libraries on exactly how this is to be settled. We therefore refer you to the library that owns the item if you are unable to pay online.

Home delivery of loans

It is possible to have books sent to your home address for a fee. The cost is DKK 50 per book.

Employees at Aarhus University

Special rules regarding fees and the return of material apply if you are an employee at Aarhus University. The loan period is still one month, after which you must either return the material or renew it via our website. However, the deadline for employees is longer than the standard seven days.

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