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Get help with screening references

AU Library has purchased access to Covidence, a tool that can help you screen your references

2019.07.02 | Anne Vils Møller

AU Library has purchased access to the screening tool Covidence.

Covidence is a web-based tool developed in collaboration with Cochrane for the purpose of facilitating and improving the production of systematic reviews. It helps you through the process of screening and sorting your references, attaching PDF files and keeping track of which references you exclude and include - with a note attached.

It is possible to export the results to RevMan and Excel and print a flowchart with statistics. You can also invite colleagues to evaluate the references. Covidence is used by Cochrane and the National Board of Health.

Employees and students at Aarhus University and employees at Aarhus University Hospital can create a profile. To get access, contact your local AU library.

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