Cleaning messy data - Introduction to OpenRefine & SQLite

Hands-on Workshop

01.09.2017 | Hazel Engelsmann

Dato tir 31 okt
Tid 13:00 16:00
Sted AU Library, Campus Emdrup, Tuborgvej 164, 2400 København NV
Tilmelding starter fre 01 sep 11:00, Tilmelding slutter tir 31 okt 10:00 Tilmelding

Cleaning messy data – introduction to OpenRefine & SQLite 

Muhamed Fajković, Royal Danish Library

How to use OpenRefine to easily to easily structure, uniform and rectify data, using various ‘real life’ examples. And what to do with those data afterwards?
Get a glance at SQLite – a serverless database software: how to easily create a database, as well as how to query and mine it.


Hazel Engelsmann





Workshop, AU Library, Campus Emdrup (DPB)