Information Retrieval & Scholarly Communication for PhD students

Information literacy for PhD students

22.08.2017 | Hazel Engelsmann

Dato tor 28 sep
Tid 09:30 15:00
Sted AU Campus Emdrup, A414
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The course will give the knowledge and skills needed to find literature at PhD level, and will give an introduction to various aspects of scholarly communication relevant to PhD students.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, students will:

·         Be familiar with various search techniques and strategies for conducting academic literature searches.

·         Understand the criteria and methods used to define resources to match individual projects.

·         Be able to use the current awareness service [alert services] for individual projects.

·         Have knowledge of how Open Access (OA), Creative Common licenses and BFI may influence publication strategy.


Content and format 

The course will cover the following areas: 

·         An overview of the State Library and Aarhus University Library's facilities and services.

·         Academic databases, reference books and full-text resources primarily for Arts.

·         Finding the latest research (Open Access and institutional repositories).

·         Tools for monitoring new publications and citation alerts.

·         Introductions to different aspects of scholarly publications and publication strategy.


Target group

PhD students, postdoc and research assistants at Campus Emdrup.






Hazel Engelsmann

Katrine Düring Davidsen


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