Use Blackboard when you need to share material with your students. Do not use Dropbox, Facebook, e-mails, etc., to share copyright-protected material.

The Copyright Act does not allow you to simply share material without restriction. However, if you share via a secure closed network such as Blackboard, you may, as a lecturer, take advantage of the agreements that Aarhus University and Aarhus University Library has entered into with rights holders:

  • The Copydan agreements entitle you to scan text and images from a printed publication and to make digital copies of material from freely available websites - read more under Scanning material and Images.
  • AU Library's licence agreements allow you to upload certain e-articles and e-book chapters in PDF - read more under Material from the Internet.

None of the agreements allow you to simply upload anything to Blackboard, but they do considerably improve your ability to share material legally.

See a sample Reading List that takes the copyright rules into account.

If you produce video material yourself, please use Kaltura as a publishing platform rather than YouTube or Vimeo. Kaltura is fully integrated into Blackboard, and offers a number of copyright advantages - read more under Video.

For more information on copyright and e-learning go to

What is copyright?

Copyright protects the creators of texts, music, images, websites, television broadcasts, databases, etc. The vast majority of works are protected by copyright. The copyright represents a balance between creator and user. One should therefore be aware of one’s own copyright, as well as respecting the rights of others. Developments in the digital world have brought an increased focus on copyright, this also applies to the use of copyrighted material within universities.

Copyright law

What is Copydan?

Copydan is an association that manages the copyright of a range of rights holders. This management of rights consists of the collection and redistribution of remuneration in connection with copyrights held under licensing agreements. Read more at

Framework agreements

Framework Agreement of 1 January, 2017, between Aarhus University and Copydan, on the reproduction of copyrighted material.

(Agreement on scanning and storage possibilities, as well as rights when producing course packs)

Agreement of 16 May, 2012 between Aarhus University and Copydan Visual concerning the use of images at Aarhus University.

(Agreement on the lawful use of individual printed and digital pictures in teaching materials)

Copydan Visual has a brief description of the agreement (in danish).