The Bibliometric Research Indicator

The Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI) is part of the performance-based model for the distribution of new base funding for universities in Denmark.

The main purpose of the Danish Bibliometric  Research Indicator is to reflect the universities' research activity using the measurement of number of publications. The bibliometric research indicator rewards the research publications that are published in the most recognized journals within the scientific fields. This means that it must cover all disciplines and their different publishing traditions.

Authority Lists

All publications are divided intoso-called authority lists of series (conference series, book series and journals) and publishers. Lists shall be prepared and audited annually by well over 350 researchers spread across 67 disciplines. 
In a second step divides the series into two levels: the normal level 1 and the high level 2.

Publishing in series of level 2 earns more points than publishing in series of level 1.