FAQ (upload)

Upload of theses/dissertations

You must upload your thesis in Theses@bss.

What to upload?

It is recommended that you upload the thesis and any related documents as separate files, preferably in pdf format.
The thesis must have a front page where the name, title of study, supervisor, faculty and year are stated (as with the title page for a book).

The delivery form (mandatory form) to the Registrar's office is not to be uploaded.

Can prints be taken of the thesis?  


I cannot find my course - what do I do?

If you cannot find your specific course on the form, change the language in the upper right corner. This enables you to view other types of course.

What is an external partner?

If you have worked with a company in connection with your dissertation/thesis, the details of the contact person in the company should be registered.

Should I register keywords?

It is optional, but keywords can make it easier for others to find your dissertation/thesis (if it is publicly available). 

On Appendices

What do I do, if the appendix is available only in paper?

In some cases it may be necessary to submit an appendix to the library in printed form, for example if it cannot or may not be converted. Appendices in paper, on USB or on CD can be handed in to the library with a copy of the upload receipt attached.

Appendices which may be digitized can be scanned and converted to pdf files. Audio, image and text files can be uploaded.

What do I do if the appendix must not be accessible?

Save appendices on a CD Rom, and hand this in to the library with a copy of the upload receipt attached.

Is it possible to upload several appendices in one folder?

YES! Mark the files in question; make a right click to send the files to a zipped folder, which can be uploaded to Theses@bss.

On security

Is it possible to change or delete theses that have been published?


If you have made a mistake in the registration on Theses@bss itself, please contact AU Library, Fuglesangs Allé, which has the ability to change the record, NOT the dissertation/thesis..

For how long will the thesis be accessible online?

Always – there is no time limit. The electronic archives are accessible 24/7.

Confidential thesis?

Following requests from several companies, Aarhus BSS has clarified the rules and procedures regarding the confidentiality of dissertations/theses that are not be made publicly available.

If the thesis/dissertation should not be made publicly available - if, for example, it contains sensitive business information - it is recommended that a written declaration to that effect is made by the company/organization.

Searching in Theses@bss

Where can I find theses?

Theses are available online from 2003 and can be found in the AU Library's portal Theses@bss downloadable in full text.

From 2009, the portal contains all types of theses/dissertations: Bachelor, Master / MBA and Masters.

Theses/dissertations published before 2003 can be searched for in AU Library's search engine


You are always welcome to contact AU Library, Fuglesangs Allé regarding upload of your thesis.
Send an email to the library or call us: 9135 6485. You can also contact Lisbeth Petersen (lbpe@kb.dk ).