Upload to Theses@bss

NOTE: Theses@BSS has been temporarily taken out of service. If you need to submit your dissertation send it by mail to studyservice.bss@au.dk

Upload to theses@bss - specific to Aarhus BSS students

Most students at Aarhus BSS must upload their theses/dissertations on Theses@bss by filling out a form. This occurs together with the submision of the print version of the thesis/dissertation. Theses@bss has been temporarily taken out of service and you need to submit your dissertation by sending it by mail to studyservice.bss@au.dk.

What to upload?

The text and any attachments/appendices must be uploaded as readable files.
In some cases it may be necessary to submit attachments in printed form. If, for example, they cannot, or may not, be converted to a digital format.
Attachments in paper form, on USB, CD-ROM/DVD, can be submitted to the AU Library, Fuglesangs Allé.
It is recommended that you upload files in PDF format.

Delivering to the Registrar's Office

Two printed copies (one for the supervisor, and one for the censor) should be submitted to the Registrar's Office together with your receipt for the upload to the AU Library's thesis portal.


If you are to upload your thesis to WISEflow you do not have to submit two printed copies. However, you still have to upload your thesis to Theses@bss. Read more about WISEflow.

Confidential thesis/dissertation

Following requests from several companies, Aarhus BSS has clarified the rules and procedures regarding the confidentiality of dissertations/theses that are not be made publicly available.

If the thesis/dissertation should not be made publicly available - if, for example, it contains sensitive business information - it is recommended that a written declaration to that effect is made by the company/organization.

More guidance

Instructions for uploading can be found in the library's FAQ.

If you have further questions regarding the submission of theses/dissertations, please feel free to contact AU Library, Fuglesangs Allé. Send an email to the library or call us: 8716 4060.