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Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger

2018.08.01 | Databaser

Access Gyldendal's dictionaries offline

As a student at Aarhus University you have access to download Gyldendal's dictionaries and install them on your own computer during exam periods.

2017.11.09 | AU Library

Do you often get a very large and not entirely relevant search result on library.au.dk?

When using library.au.dk you are searching through an enormous amount of material. This is why you often get a large number of search results when searching for a subject. You now, however, have the possibility of limiting your search result to a specific field of study.

2016.09.15 | Staff

Receive an alert when new articles from your favourite journals are available

If you want to be informed about new articles within a specific subject area or new articles by a specific author you have several different options.


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