Loan rules for AU Library

The AU Library and Det Kgl. Bibliotek (Royal Danish Library) are public-sector institutions. They have 
points of service at all the main academic areas of Aarhus University and Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus . The following rules have been laid down pursuant to section 35 of the
Executive Order on the Danish Library Act (Bekendtgørelse af Lov om Biblioteksvirksomhed)
no. 914 of 20/08/2008.

Registration of users

Users must be at least 18 years old or registered students at Aarhus University. Exemptions
may be granted from this rule. New users can register by applying at the library, but there is
also a ‘Self Registration’ system. New users must confirm their registration in order to activate
their account and become active users. Users are responsible for ensuring that the library
system contains their current contact information – which must include an e-mail address.

Library cards

Your healthcare card (sygesikringsbevis) is used as your library card. Special library cards may
be issued in exceptional circumstances.

Picking up material

Material that you wish to take home must be either ordered/reserved in the library system or
found on the shelves in the open libraries. Users will receive an e-mail when the material is
ready for pick-up at the location they have specified (this will generally be the user’s chosen
‘favourite pick-up point’).

Loans and loan periods

Material is normally lent to you for a period of one month, unless you are told differently. In
exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to require the payment of a deposit before
material can be borrowed.

Extending the loan period

The loan period can be extended if the material has not been reserved by another user.
Renewals are made via the library system.

Returning material

Material can be returned at any point of service of the AU Library/Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus.
If you fail to observe the deadline for returning material, fees will be charged pursuant to
section 28 of the Executive Order on the Danish Library Act (Bekendtgørelse af Lov om
Biblioteksvirksomhed) no. 914 of 20/08/2008.

Reminders and recall notices

A reminder will be sent to you three days before the expiry of the loan period. Up to two
subsequent recall notices will be issued, after which an invoice requiring payment of the cost of
the material will be issued including handling costs. The reminder is a service message and is
not a precondition for the charging of fees.


The size of fees depends on the number of books/material that you have borrowed. If you return material 8-30 days after the deadline for return, the fee will be DKK 25 per item. If you return material 31 days or more after the deadline, the fee will be DKK 50 per item. If you are required to pay for the replacement of material, you will also have to pay DKK 150 for each replacement case. Users who owe the library DKK 200 or more will be unable to borrow any more material until their arrears have been paid in full or in part. Users will be informed of this when they borrow material. Users may be banned from borrowing material if they are deemed to be in serious breach of their obligation to return material in undamaged condition. Users may also be banned if they owe the library DKK 200 or more. Any such bans will be announced in writing, giving seven days’ notice.

Material that has been damaged or lost

If users fail to return material in undamaged condition, they must pay the costs incurred in
connection with repairs or the purchase of new material. Users may choose to buy new
material to replace the missing or damaged material themselves – as a basic rule, such new
material must be completely identical with the material that is being replaced. If material that
has been replaced is subsequently returned by users, the AU Library/Det Kgl. Bibliotek will reimburse the cost of replacement for a period of six months from the issuing of a
demand for replacement. However, in exceptional circumstances the AU Library/Det Kgl. Bibliotek may choose to reimburse the replacement cost even though this six-month
period has already expired.

Loans from other libraries

Books can be ordered from other libraries at the ‘favourite pick-up point’ chosen by users.
Material borrowed from libraries that are not members of the AU Library partnership is subject to the rules applying at the library from which it has been borrowed.

Information from the AU Library and Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus

Information regarding reminders, recall notices, reservations, invoices etc. will primarily be
sent by e-mail. Users are responsible for ensuring that their e-mail address is correct at all

Aarhus 7 March 2013

Updated 7 November 2017