We are uniting AU Library at library.au.dk

We are in the process of gathering all activities at AU Library in one central entrance to your university library: library.au.dk

2013.05.02 | Jesper Kikkenborg Rossel

Removal men moving a blackboard

AU Library gathers all its strength at library.au.dk

In the future all users of AU library and the State and University Library will have one central entrance: library.au.dk. All library activities and information which right now can be found at the different AU Library websites will be moved to library.au.dk in an ongoing process up to January 1, 2014. 

More and more library activities will be moved into a new context as a result of the AU Library partnership between AU and the State and University Library. That means service for and communication to you from one place only - AU Library - regardless of which of the different AU library service locations you use.

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