Thesis study carrels for students at Arts and Aarhus BSS

If you are an Arts or Aarhus BSS student – you can now apply for a thesis study carrel – your personal study seat throughout the thesis writing period.

2016.06.02 | AU Library

Thesis study carrel

Who can get a thesis study carrel?

To be considered for a thesis study carrel, requires that you are an Arts or Aarhus BSS student and are about to begin working on your thesis.

How many study carrels are available?

  • For Arts studerende there are 113 pladser seats at Tåsingegade and 139 pladser at Trøjborg.
  • For Aarhus BSS students there are 44 seats at AU Library, Fuglesangs Allé. 

How do I apply for a study carrel?

There are two forms for applying for a study carrel - one for Arts students and one for Aarhus BSS students: 

When will I know if I have been granted a seat?

The seats are allocated twice a year - see the respective deadlines and tenures for Arts and Aarhus BSS. We draw lots from among the applicants after the deadline has passed and you will get an email if you have been granted a seat.

Read more about the study carrels, waiting lists and other reading/study seat possibilities.

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