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If you cannot access the electronic materials?

The library's user data have been updated. Read the rest of the news, if you have lost your access.

2014.07.01 | Jesper Kikkenborg Rossel

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I am associated with Aarhus University

Have you lost your rights and are you still attached Aarhus University as a student or employee, you must register as a user again - choose Aarhus University. So you automatically get the rights you should have.

I am associated with Aarhus University Hospital

Have you lost your rights and are you associated with AUH, you must create an account and use your own NemID. In the creation process, enter an e-mail that proves that you are affiliated with Aarhus University Hospital. Read more about what you need to do to get access.

I am no longer affiliated with AU or AUH

If you are not affiliated with AU or AUH you have now got a status as: Privatlåner (Private user). You are, of course, very welcome to use AU Library and the State and University Library, but we cannot provide you with electronic access to the materials.

Contact an employee

If you have any problems, you cannot solve yourself online, please take contact to your local AU Library. 

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