The library search has been updated

We have upgraded the library search engine. You can now quickly and easily find and order materials from AU Library - both on mobile, tablet and desktop.

2014.07.16 | Jesper Kikkenborg Rossel

AU Library is ready with a new and improved search engine that is better at finding exactly the materials you are looking for, works on your smartphone and remember your login. We think it has become much better.

New responsive version

The search system I snow in responsive design, meaning it works on both phones, tablets and desktops. Only the search system is responsive. The rest of the library website follows the AU overall development of responsive websites. So next time you pick up a book you ordered, you can quickly find the pickup number on your mobile.

Remember your login

Just like Dropbox, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. we will remember your login, so you do not have to login every time you use the library. You will sometimes be asked to verify that you are still you, just log in again. But please remember to log out if you use public computers and do not share your login with others.

More to-do lists

You can quickly create multiple to-do lists. So if you both want a list of the databases you use the most or want to make a collection of books you want to read, plan lessons, you can now quickly create all the lists you need. For example use them to gather material for an assignment.

Better ranking  

We like to think we have managed to make a better ranking, so we can find what you searched for. Let it come to a test  and try it now at

Integration with the new Blackboard

We also work with the new Blackboard and here you can also find the new search system and a number of targeted modules just to use at your page.

Want to help?

If you have ideas or wishes to, for example the to-do list. Please  Would you like to share it with your fellow students or colleagues, then please share your input with us. Either by using our feedback directly from the page or at

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