The library has a collection of movies on VHS og DVD. These are not for loan, but to be used only for teaching and research at Katrinebjerg.

Booking of the media cells in the Nygaard building, basement: Contact Allan Nielsen, Adorno Building 5008 or tel. 87 15 22 35.


The School of Communication and Culture has a collection of games for various game consoles. These are not for loan, but are to be used only for teaching and research at Katrinebjerg. 

For loan or booking of media cells in the Nygaard building, basement: Contact Allan Nielsen, Adorno Building 5008 or tel. 87 15 22 35.

Reference works

If you need books from the collection of reference works or a movie for you teaching or research, please contact us directly or by mail.

Only for employees and students at Katrinebjerg.


 AU Library is providing access for you to many e-books. There is remote access to the e-books. 

Printed books


Search by 'Advanced search' , limit to  'Books' (Material type)  and choose 'Katrinebjerg' in the list of 'Libraries at Aarhus University'.  

Books from 2010 ff. are placed in the library, older titles are in the library archive and can be ordered by the library cataloque

Foulum, Flakkebjerg og Årslev

Collections at Foulum, Flakkebjerg and Årslev are self-serve.


As a researcher or student you have access to a series of electronic dictionaries. Use the entry links in the database lists.

Remember that you need to log in as a user before you can get access.


Here you find a directory with desciptions and links to theses from Science and Technology.

PhD theses

Department of Computer Science

PhD 2009 ff. is available in electronic edition (If the author has authorized it)

  Search in the cataloque for the author and for words in the title.

PhD 2014 – 2015 medio, is available in print (If the author has authorized it)

   Search for ”PhD dissertation” in 'Advanced search' and choose 'Katrinebjerg' at Libraries at Aarhus University.

PhD 1975 – 2009, contact the library,

Departments in Foulum

Access only for students and staff at campus or with login: PhD theses


Most of the journals are electronic, but the library subscribes to a number of print journals, which can be borrowed.

All journals at AU Library and Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus can be found via the library catalogue.