Master's theses

Master's theses in Law, Psychology, Political Science

All Master's theses published by the Department of Law, the Department of Political Science, and the Department of Psychology are indexed and stored at Aarhus University Library, School of Business and Social Sciences, Bartholins Allé.

Not all Master's theses are publicly available as some contain confidential information and are therefore restricted from public access. Under special circumstances such theses may be made available on demand.

All publicly available printed theses are located on the second floor.

Today all theses are available electronically. Theses from the Department of Political Science and Goverment can be downloaded from 2008-, theses from the Department of Law can be downloaded from 2011-, and theses from the Department of Psychology can be downloaded from 2011-.

Within Psychology, all Master's theses published from 2000 to 2010 can be borrowed. Master's theses published before 2000 cannot be borrowed, but are available in the library. Please contact the staff if you wish to read one of these theses.

You may search for Master's theses in the library database. The search result will indicate the exact location of the thesis. You may search by author name, title, topic or department.

Master thesis from Department of Political Science
Master thesis from Department of Psychology
Master thesis from Department of Law