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Information Retrieval & Information Management. Course for PhD students at BSS

The main goal of this course is to provide participants with skills to enhance the efficiency of the search process in the beginning of a PhD project.

05.01.2015 | Gina Bay

Dato man 16 feb
Tid 09:15 15:00
Sted AU Library, Bartholins Allé, Bartholins Allé 9, Building 1340, Room 360
Tilmelding er lukket


Presentation and discussion of:

  • methods for performing systematic and efficient searches and developing comprehensive search strategies.
  • methods for source selection and quality assessment of information.
  • methods for managing information, data and references (reference software etc.)

The course will be highly relevant for PhD students who are doing a literature review, but the course is relevant for all researchers who are in the process of developing their research design.


The course is a combination of presentations, discussions and short exercises.
The workshop in the afternoon is focusing on the individual participants’ own project and allows the participants to go into depth with specific issues in regard to their own project.

Learning focus

Increasing the efficiency when working with information retrieval, selection of sources and managing information and data.


Anne Catharine Andersen, Librarian, MIL, AU Library, Fuglesangs Allé
Gina Bay, Librarian, MYC, AU Library, Bartholins Allé
Iben Brøndum, Librarian, , MLIS, AU Library, Bartholins Allé
Solveig Sandal Johnsen, Librarian, MLIS, AU Library, Bartholins Allé

Date: 16th February 9.15-12.30 and workshop 13.15-15.00

Language: English  

AU Library, Bartholins Allé, Kursus, Litteratur og informationssøgning, Aarhus BSS, Studerende, Arrangement

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